How to Create a Password You Can Remember

This wikiHow teaches you how to create a password that’s secure and unique while still being memorable.

1. Know What to Avoid

Before figuring out what you want to put in your password, here are a few things that you shouldn’t put in your password:

2. Understand the Components of a Good Password

Including all of the following components in your password will make it very difficult for someone to crack it:

3. Consider Common Password Strategies

If you don’t have your own method of creating a memorable password, you might want to try one of the following:

4. Pick a Compound Word or Phrase that Stands Out to You

You most likely have several words, a phrase, a title (e.g., an album or a song), or something similar that stands out to you for some reason; such words/phrases make great password bases because they’re emotionally relevant to you, but not anyone else.

5. Select a Password Strategy

You can apply one of the common password strategies mentioned above (e.g., removing vowels), or you can select your own.

6. Substitute Your Favorite Numbers for Letters

If you have a favorite number or two, replace a couple of letters in the password with them.

7. Add a Character that You Like to Your Password

If you have a favorite character on your keyboard, replace a letter with it, or add it to the beginning of the password to help remember it.

8. Add an Abbreviation for Your Password’s Service

For example, if the password is for your work email address, you might add “work email” (or “wrk ml”, etc.) to the end of the password. This way, you can use the same base password for most services without repeating the exact password anywhere.

9. Consider Doubling your Password

If your password is only at 8 characters and your selected service (e.g., Facebook) allows for 16 or more characters, simply type the password twice.

10. Create Variations of Your Password

While adding an abbreviation to the end of your password will help you remember a specific service’s password, you’ll eventually need to change your passwords altogether. If you’re happy with your current password, try typing the password while holding down the ⇧ Shift key, or capitalize random letters.

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